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Adventures in Energy 6-12
An Interactive Look at Oil and Natural Gas, from the Well to You

Adventures in EnergyThis one-of-a-kind interactive learning tool highlights the cutting-edge technologies and practices used in the exploration, production, and transportation of oil and natural gas. Chock full of illustrations and animations, "Adventures in Energy" offers a comprehensive overview of the steps required to provide American consumers with the safe, reliable energy supply we count on to power our everyday lives.

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The interactive is divided into eight modules:

1. What Are Oil & Natural Gas?

2. Exploration & Production

3. Natural Gas Processing

4. Oil Tankers

5. Refining Oil

6. Refined Product Piplines

7. Natural Gas Pipelines
8. Oil & Natural Gas in Your Life

Technology and Oil
This lesson – developed by the American Association for the Advancement of Science – uses "Adventures in Energy" as springboard to get students to think about how they – and how we as a society – depend on oil. While they may be aware that oil and natural gas are used to heat houses, they also will learn about the many other products created with petroleum. Then they will be asked to think about how it affects their own lives. What petroleum products exist that they use? What would life be like if oil and its products didn’t exist?

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