Earn Your Energy Merit Badge

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  • Where Would We Be Without Oil and Natural Gas
  • Energy Conservation and Efficiency
  • The Future of Energy
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Earn Your Energy Badge!

The American Petroleum Institute (API) is proud to support the Boy Scouts of America’s Energy Merit Badge.

This website is intended to assist the scout and merit badge counselors with information about the oil and natural gas industry and to supplement the merit badge book.

To the scouts: Be sure to ask your scoutmaster for approval, and be sure to meet with your merit badge counselor, before starting work on the Energy Merit Badge.

We recommend you obtain and read the Energy Merit Badge book from the Boy Scouts of America.  Much of the information you need to complete this merit badge can be found in the merit badge book.

We also recommend you check out Adventures in Energy to learn more about the operations and products of the oil and natural gas industry, and what the industry does to help meet the nation’s energy needs.


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